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Wednesday Wedding Tip: Week 4

Every Wednesday, we’re finding and bringing you special wedding tips and insight from Paula Lynn Safran, our Director of Catering Sales! Paula is an expert at planning the perfect wedding from the details of creating a custom menu to transforming our ballroom into your unique space. Read on for this weeks tip!

My Beautiful Brides,

Something for you to remember on your wedding day. It is not to eat or keep hydrated, the gratuity for the vendors or even your favorite perfume. It is this:

Your wedding day will be perfectly imperfect, just like a feather falling from an angel’s wing… Breathe in every moment and etch it upon your heart. Every laugh, every tear, every not so just as you wanted it to be and everything even more beautiful than you could have imagined it to be.

This is just the second chapter in your love story; there are so many more to come. All the pieces of perfect and imperfect will fill the pages in each chapter of your lives, just as God intended it to be. Your story is the one you both write not just with the vows you share on your wedding day, but instead, with every spoken and unspoken word and gesture, you share with one another every day for the rest of your lives.

This is a journey of love, of joy, of pain, of tears and each of those makes your story more amazing than anyone else’s story, each of those makes it uniquely your own. So my Beautiful Bride to be when you say “I do,” when you have your first dance as husband and wife, soak it all in, every moment, and take the time to breathe in everything around you. Etch all of it deeply into your hearts and then in the storms of life, hold each other tight and remember your wedding day.

Remember how you melted into each other’s arms and no one else existed in the world but the two of you. That feeling, that love, that passion, that tenderness all of it will give you the strength to walk through any storm. As long as you are holding each other as you did on your wedding day.

Make every day a day worth writing another page in your love story. Here is to many amazing chapters is your never-ending love story!

– Paula

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