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Wednesday Wedding Tip: Week 2

Wednesday Wedding Tip: Week 2

Every Wednesday, we’re finding and bringing you special wedding tips and insight from Paula Lynn Safran, our Director of Catering Sales! Paula is an expert at planning the perfect wedding from the details of creating a custom menu to transforming our ballroom into your unique space. Read on for this weeks tip!


To be or not to be, they asked. You said yes! The engagement excitement is in the air. You have been dating for four years and they are perfect for you. Of course, like every couple, you have had the little tiffs and occasional disagreement of two. After all, doesn’t every couple? But at long last, your journey in this next chapter as a couple begins!

You set the date, picked the venue, met with the priest, sent out save the date cards, bought the perfect dress. Food tastings, florists, DJ, photographer, the bridesmaid’s dresses are bought and paid for. Contracts signed and deposits paid and now the beautiful wedding day is only months away.

But suddenly you don’t?…

They are perfect and you love them and vice versa. Your families are so happy and they all get along so blissfully. We’ve spent four years together talking dreaming planning for this day. Now that it is finally here I am not sure. Could it be cold feet, prewedding jitters? Or is it that you love them but are not in love with them anymore?

Everything is planned, everyone is so excited you can’t let them down. Still, your heart and head are not aligned?

YES. This happens to many couples that have waited for so long, have seemed so in love but months before the big day, doubt overtakes them. Some couples just go through with it, so delay and still some just walk away.

There is no right or wrong answer each couple has their own unique circumstances. My advice is to talk to each other, seek counsel from a professional one with no emotional connection to either of you.  This is a huge commitment, this is a journey of two lives joining as one. Take your time talking through it. Walk through it, LOVE THROUGH IT.

Don’t say I do because you thought you should. Say I do because you KNOW you should!

It’s easy to get caught up in love and the excitement of the engagement but ground yourselves in the commitment of forever love. Yes the plans have been made, the money spent but that is no excuse to say I do if both of you are not ready yet. And relax, you may find out it is simply prewedding jitters.

I know it is not a comfortable subject but more couples than you think go through this. No one likes to talk about it so when you go through it you feel all alone. You’re not alone! Clarity will bring you peace.

– Paula

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