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How many weddings do you do per year, and how long have you been in business?

The National Conference Center has been doing events since 1974. West Belmont Place hosts many weddings every year with our team of experienced catering managers and staff.

Are you licensed to serve alcohol?

Yes, we offer a variety of alcohol packages to best suit your event.

Will I need any permits for my event? If so, will you handle obtaining them?

No, we do not require any additional permits.

Do I need insurance for my event?

Yes, you will need to obtain event insurance, which most insurance providers offer. Any additional vendors would also need a certificate of insurance to insure that you are not liable for any damages they may cause. We ask this from each vendor because we don’t want you to have to deal with the hassle of liabilities around your wedding day.

Will you provide a banquet manager to coordinate the meal service or an on-site coordinator who will run the entire event?

West Belmont Place at The National provides both. Our on-site banquet manager handles all food and beverage aspects of you wedding.  Your on-site catering manager is here to handle all venue setup and needs.  We are more than happy to help coordinate other aspects of your event, but generally recommend you have another single point of contact who has been with you every step of the way that we can refer to on the day of your wedding.

Can you assist with other aspects of the wedding like selecting other vendors, event design (e.g. specialty lighting, elaborate décor, theme events, etc.)?

We are more than happy to assist you in finding vendors that can make your dream wedding a reality. Once you confirm your vision with them, we can coordinate logistics like delivery and pick up. 

How many people can this location accommodate?

The National Ballroom at West Belmont Place seats up to 1,200 guests.


Food & Presentation

Given my budget, guest count and event style, what food choices would you recommend? Do you specialize in certain cuisines?

We are more than happy to provide you with our West Belmont Place menu which has been crafted to showcase our creative and local food offerings created by our Executive Chef Frank Estremera. Additionally, Chef Frank is happy to sit down with you and create a custom menu that fits your custom needs.

Do we have to work off a preset menu or can you create a custom menu for our event? If I have a special dish I’d like served, would you accommodate that?

Executive Chef Frank Estremera is more than happy to accommodate to any special requests including dietary.

Do you offer event packages or is everything à la carte? What exactly do your packages include?

We offer most items as a package so that we can provide you with the best possible pricing. There are always items that you can add to the package, but all of the basics are included in our base prices.

Do you use all fresh produce, meat, fish, etc.? Can you source organic or sustainably farmed ingredients?

We use as much local, fresh produce as possible. Our culinary delivery is properly defined through our extensive partnerships with local venders and suppliers like with CEA Farms, a 200 year-old, family owned farm here in Leesburg. 

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions, such as kosher, vegan, etc.?

Yes, West Belmont Place at The National prides itself in accommodating all dietary restrictions. The only thing we ask is that we receive advance notice in order to order any needed items and to allow us time to prepare. If any last minute dietary restrictions occur, we will do our best to accommodate.

What décor do you provide for appetizer stations or buffet tables?

We offer standard décor for buffet tables that include vases, and candles. We have some other small décor items that can be requested based on availability

Do you offer package upgrades such as chocolate fountains, ice sculptures, espresso machines or specialty displays?

Yes, we have a variety of displays, action stations, chef attended stations that are available as an upgrade.

Can you do theme menus (e.g. barbecue, luau, etc.)? Would you also provide the décor?

We actually prefer themed menus because then we can make the meal into an experience. We do not have décor for all themed buffets, but we do have some small décor items for some of our buffets such as luau, Mexican, and barbecue.

What’s the difference in cost between passed appetizers and appetizer stations? What’s the price difference between a buffet and a sit-down meal? If we have a buffet, are there any stations that cost extra, like a carving station?

All of our menu items are priced to include labor. Generally, the price difference between styles of service is based on the menu item selected and additional labor that may be required. Our buffet menus are priced very similar to our served menus.  I would be more than happy to send you a copy of our menu for you to take a look for yourself.

How much do you charge for children’s meals? What is the child age cap?

The cost of a children’s meal is based on the menu item selected. Your catering manager will defer to our food and beverage department for that price.

How much do you charge for vendor meals?

Vendor meals are priced at the same cost and the guest, but we can make alternate arrangements for them to ensure that they have ample time to eat and it is convenient for them.

Do you do wedding cakes? If so, is this included in the per-person meal price or is it extra?

We do not bake wedding cakes, but we are more than happy to point you in the direction of a few local vendors.

If I decide not to serve cake, can you provide a dessert display instead?

Yes, we have a variety of dessert display options.

If we use an outside cake designer, do you charge a cake-cutting fee?

Yes, our cake cutting fee starts at $5 per person and includes saving the top tier if you wish to do so.

Do you do food tastings and is there an extra charge for this?

We do offer food tastings. Once the menu is selected, our chef would put together selected items from your menu for you to taste.  These are all tasting portions.  There is no additional cost as long as the number of people in attendance is reasonable.

Do you handle rental equipment such as tables, chairs, etc.?

Yes, all tables and banquet chairs are included in our wedding package. Any specialty items are available if you would like to upgrade the space.

What types of linens, glassware, plates and flatware do you provide?

We have four colors of linens available in our package price (based on availability): White, Black, Navy Blue, Camel (Gold)

Glassware, white/off-white plates, and silver flatware are all included. Upgrades are available.

Can you provide presentation upgrades such as chair covers, lounge furniture, Chiavari chairs, etc.? What would be the additional fees?

Upgrades are always possible. Our pricing is based on the availability of our vendors but they generally include the cost of delivery and pick up as well.  We do this because we want to avoid surprising you with additional costs at the end.

What is your policy on cleanup?

We ask that all items brought onto the property also leave with you at the end of the event. Reasonable cleanup is included as long as there is no permanent damage to the property.

What’s the tax and service charge?

– 6% sales tax (current, subject to change)
– 22% service charge/administration fee

If I hire my own caterer, is there a kitchen available for them?

You are more than happy to hire your own caterer. We do have kitchen space available for them in our banquets kitchen, but we do ask that all food is prepared in advance, as we do not offer a cooking space for outside caterers.  All outside caterers must be approved in advance.  There is a $38.00 per person host fee when selecting outside catering.



Do you provide alcoholic beverages and bartenders? Can you accommodate specialty cocktails?

Yes, we provide all alcohol and alcohol service. We are more than happy to accommodate specialty cocktails.  Our banquets and bar manager would ensure that the proper items are ordered for the requested specialty cocktail.

What brands of alcohol will be served?

Brands of alcohol are based on the alcohol package selected.

Can we provide the alcohol and you provide the bar labor?

West Belmont Place does not allow outside alcohol, as it is against our ABC license.

Do you charge a corkage fee if we provide our own wine or champagne?

No outside alcohol is allowed.

How do you charge for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages? Per consumption or per person? Which is more cost-effective?

We offer the following options for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages: Hosted bar, Cash Bar,  Consumption Bar, Cash Bar with drink tickets (Drink tickets would be pre-purchased. Once used, the bar would transition to a full cash bar.)

We would help you make the best and most cost-effective choice for your event

Is the champagne toast after the ceremony included in your meal packages or is it extra?

A champagne toast is available for an additional cost.

Will your staff serve the wine with dinner?

Our staff is more than happy to provide wine service during dinner.

How long is the alcohol served?

We offer a 4 hour maximum bar.

Is coffee and tea service included with the per-person meal charge? What brands of each do you offer and do they include decaf and herbal tea options?

Yes, coffee and tea service is included in the cost of our buffet and served menu options. We offer regular coffee, decaf coffee and a variety of tea options.  Our current coffee offering is Royal Cup.


Business Matters

What is the ratio of servers to guests?

Buffet – 40 guests: 1 Server
Plated – 20 guests: 1 server

How will the servers be dressed?

Our servers will be dressed in black and white.

How is your pricing broken down (e.g. food, bar, cake-cutting, tax, gratuity)?

Our pricing is a package price. We are more than happy to provide a detailed estimate as requested. 

How much time do you require for setting up and breaking down my event, and are there extra fees for this?

The setup and break-down of the event is included in the estimated cost. This is all based on availability.  We would work with your vendors to ensure everything is setup in time for your event.  An example of when additional fees would occur is if your event goes beyond midnight.

If my event runs longer than contracted, what are your overtime fees?

Overtime fees occur when the event runs overnight. Overtime fees are unique to each event and are based on the labor required.

What is the last date by which I can give you a final guaranteed guest count?

Guaranteed counts are required 3 full business days in advance. A reasonably close count is required 2 weeks prior to your event. 

What is your payment policy? Do you accept credit cards?

We accept credit cards, cash, and checks. We would be more than happy to work with you to accommodate additional payment methods.

How much of a deposit is required to hold my date? When is the final payment due?

Based on when your event is booked, we offer a minimum 25% deposit. As you book your event closer to your event date, we can ask up a to 100% deposit.

Are there any fees that won’t be included in the proposal that we should be aware of?

Our proposals generally include all pricing to ensure that you have the most accurate estimate possible.

Once we book with you, how quickly can we expect a contract? And if we make changes to menu choices or other items, will you update us with a revised estimate and contract?

We would provide a contract at the time of booking. As changes occur, an updated contract or an addendum would be provided.

What is your refund or cancellation policy?

– Date of signed contract up to 91 days prior to arrival – 25% of Contract Revenue is kept by the venue
– 90-46 days – 75% of Contract Revenue is kept by the venue
– 45-0 days – 100% of Contract Revenue is kept by the venue



Is there a separate space for cocktail hour?

Yes, all space requests are based on availability. For weddings, we generally encourage a separate space for cocktail hour so that your event has a nice flow.

Do you have a sound system and/or microphones for speeches?

Yes we have both sound systems and microphone available for use throughout your wedding

Are there any noise restrictions?

Since West Belmont Place is located within a community, we ask that you are courteous of our neighbors in regards to noise. We ask that outside events are over by roughly 8pm and that indoor events maintain a reasonable noise level.

Is there parking on site and if so, is it complimentary? If not, where will my guests park?

Yes, we have a covered parking garage that is conveniently located directly across from our event space. All on-site parking is complimentary.

Are cabs/rideshares (like Uber, Lyft, etc.) easily accessible from the venue?

Yes, we offer Uber, Lyft, and other local transportation companies.

If a shuttle service is needed, can you assist with setting it up?

Yes, we work with local shuttle services and we are more than happy to assist in setting up a shuttle for you and your wedding guests.

Is the site handicap accessible?

Yes, West Belmont Place at The National is ADA compliant.


Décor + Rentals

Are we allowed to bring in our own decorations?

Yes, we recommend that you bring all your own decorations, as we provide minimal wedding décor since each couple usually has a unique style.

Do you have an inventory of décor (lighting, candle holders, vases, etc.) we can borrow from?

Yes, we have lighting, vases, candles, etc. that is available for use.

Can I move things around or do I have to leave everything as is?

You are more than welcome to move any items within your event space. We have an on-site setup team that is available to assist you in rearranging your space.

Can we use candles/confetti/sparklers/fireworks/animals/lawn games/bounce houses/food trucks/insert your own fun-but- potentially-dangerous liability here?

We do allow lawn games, bounce houses, food trucks and animals, but all must be pre-approved. Candles are also permitted, but cannot be an open flame (must be in a holder of some sort). When in doubt, we are more than happy to answer any questions about what is permitted on our property. 

We prohibit the use of confetti, sparklers, and fireworks.

Do you have signage or other aids to direct guests to my event?

Yes, we do have some signage to direct guests once they are on property.

Do you provide heaters and/or umbrellas for the outdoor spaces?

Outdoor heaters and umbrellas are based on availability and are available for an additional cost.


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