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Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts


Father’s Day is Sunday and we want you to be prepared. Many of you assume that the perfect Father’s Day gift is a tie or brunch with the family, but this year we want you to do a little extra for dad. Here are 10 great gift ideas for every kind of dad.

1. Top Golf

If you are looking for a great family activity that dad will enjoy, Top Golf is the place to go. If you have golf lovers in the family then everyone can enjoy trying to hit targets and practicing their swing, while others can enjoy delicious food, or play pool in the downstairs lounge. If dad’s out of town then you can buy him a gift card that he can enjoy later.

2. Visit A Brewery

If dad enjoys a nice cold beer from time to time then taking him to a local brewery is a great option. You can sign him up for a tour of the facility or buy him a flight of beer that he can enjoy. Another great option would be to buy dad a growler full of his favorite kind of beer so he can always come back and fill up on the latest and greatest craft beer.

3. A Cooking Class


If your dad is a foodie then a cooking class is a great gift. You can do cooking classes and presentations at local restaurants as well as cooking academies. Many cooking classes feature specific food each night so even if he didn’t do a class on actual Father’s Day you could buy him a class for a later time, featuring a dish he may love.

4. Gym Membership


If your dad likes to stay fit and doesn’t have a gym membership you could buy him one and pay it off every month, or purchase a yearly one. Another great idea is to buy him personal training sessions or classes that he may enjoy. For example if your dad is very fit and likes boxing you could get him a few months worth of a membership at a local boxing academy, or you could get him private sessions.

5. Massage

mid adult man getting a back massage from a massage therapist

If you have a favorite place that you go for a massage then book your dad an appointment so he can relax and unwind for a day. Another great option is to buy him a groupon, especially if he lives far away or has a busy schedule.

6. Private Golf Lessons


If your dad is an avid golf player then private golf lessons would be the perfect gift. He can perfect his craft and be ready for his next golf trip with his buddies, or even just learn a new sport. The great thing about private lessons is they help you get better no matter what level of a golf player you are.

7. A Day at the Race Track


If you live near a racetrack then you can buy your dad a ticket to see a race or you can buy a pass for him test run a car himself. For those adrenaline junkies this is the perfect gift, especially because you can tag along too.

8. Flying Lessons

airplane lessons

Purchases dad flying lessons so he can finally learn how to fly a plane. You can make a day out of this buy getting reservations at his favorite restaurant so you can enjoy a bite to eat after a day of flying. You can also do a tour on a plane and see gorgeous views of your area, or do sky jumping if you are adventurous.

9. Guitar Lessons


Music lessons in general are a great idea, whether its the guitar, piano or drums this is a fun activity to do in anyone’s free time. You can get a private session with a local artist, band, or company and really enjoy playing music and learning some new skills. You can also take your dad out to a music festival, or a showcase so he can jam out to the music and hear some local artists in your town.

10. Baseball Game

Lastly, you can take your dad to a baseball game or really any sporting event. Most dad’s like outdoorsy activities so you could get him a tour of his favorite teams stadium, have him meet some of his favorite players, or enter him into competitions on the field.


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