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[INTERVIEW] Kristin of LilyPad Weddings Reveals Tops Trends in 2011

One of our favorite designs from LilyPad, [Leesburg Design]

From Texas to Washington D.C., the sister duo of LilyPad Weddings knows how to design wedding invitations that match tiny details of your wedding and impress your guests. Although, 1,551 miles and 8 states away, sisters Jennifer and Kristin use MAC iChat screen sharing to communicate and continue to stun their brides with their unlimited creativity. I interviewed Kristin in LilyPad’s D.C. office on her experience of designing custom wedding invitations. Here are some clips from our interview:

What are some of the top trends of 2011?

[Kristin]: There are fewer save the dates printed. Everyone wants to be green so their saves the dates are posted on a website instead. Couples emphasis getting the word out for friends and family to mark their calendars, but focus more on invitations and day-of stationary. Brides are more interested in table signs, menu cards and invitations all having theme and color coordination.

Invitations include a lot more information these days such as nearby recommended hotels and directions to the ceremony and reception. Typography and font are changing – more modern fonts are used instead of the traditional flowery wedding fonts.

In terms of color, yellow and gray are a popular color duo for 2011-2012 weddings. Chocolates and blacks are out and navy is in! Des-masque is a trend in 2011 which includes textured patterns, organic and geometric shapes.  Most of all, we’re seeing a popularity on custom processes, a more intricate wedding invitation and stationary.

Gray & Yellow, Kristin named as a Top Wedding Trend [Rockville Design]

What’s your favorite way to tranform an invitation from ordinary to extraordinary?

[Kristin]: Overall, creating a look that is cohesive. In the past, invitations, stationary, table numbers and menu cards matched exactly. Today, we create extraordinary invitations by brainstorming a design or theme we think the bride is looking for in her wedding. We present the bride with 3 initial designs and when she’s happy we take little elements of the design and play with it. The invitations, RSVP cards, name cards and any wedding stationary incorporate tiny elements of the design.

Kristin tells me about some of the most extraordinary pieces they’ve created. One brides was raised American, but born in India. To include her heritage they added a scroll style from India on the invitation. The most unique stationary they’ve created entailed a destination wedding in Panama. Kristin and Jen added a photo collage and manipulated it to a piece of art with text in Spanish too.

What is your best advice for brides as they search for stationary?

[Kristin]: Ask for recommendations and referrals to help you narrow down. Anyone can give off a look on a website. You should hone in on one person in planning a wedding and use their network of contacts. Ask your vendors for recommendations. Brides should ask about turn-around and production time.


Organic shapes become a bridal favorite, [Round Hill Design]

Kristin says some of the highlights of creating invitations is working with her sister, “It’s fun and we accomplish a lot together. I enjoy designing fun, artsy things and have always had a love for creative endeavors.” To learn more about LilyPad Weddings visit their website.

Thank you for the interview Kristin! It was a delight to chat with you about elements of creating a universal wedding design from the save the dates to the menu cards.