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How should brides choose a planner?

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Brides who found Holly Blackett’s “Why a wedding planner is a necessity” resourceful will appreciate her TOP list of questions to ask when choosing a wedding planner. Holly, a wedding planner, certified Sandals Resort specialist and owner of Zuriana’s Elegant Occasions brought her wedding planning experience and vision for every bride to have her dream wedding to our phone interview in early April. This is a glimpse at Holly’s advice for brides when it comes to choosing a wedding planner…

How should brides choose a planner?

[Holly]: Your wedding planner should be passionate and enjoy what they do but most importantly, you should “mesh well” with them because you’ll be working with them closely up until the day of the wedding. Planners become your cheerleader, confidant and financial planner. Look for a planner that has experience. When choosing a planner, you should ask or be interested in knowing:


  1. How long they’ve been in the industry?
  2. Have they had formal education on wedding and event planning?
  3. Does he/she have professional affiliations in the industry?
  4. Have they attended any professional conferences?
  5. Do you like the planners as a person?
  6. Does the planner’s personality and your personality go well together?
  7. Does the planner appear to love what /she does?
  8. Does the planner present themselves in a professional manner?
  9. Does the planner have a business license?
  10. Does the planner have proof of liability insurance?
  11. Can the planner provide you with any referrals or references?
  12. What do other vendors have to say about the planner?

Planners need to have an established rapport with vendors. Your planner should be able to bring all your details together create a polished look from the invitations to the wedding and reception.