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Chef’s Table Testimonial

Chef’s Table Testimonial

Here is a testimonial we received from a Chef’s Table held on May 26th, 2016. Charlie and Lola Johnson of Upper Marlboro, Maryland were invited as guests of Constance Burns. They are members of NAAV’s Caregiver Support Program and were pleased with their experience at The National Conference Center’s Chef’s Table.



One Glorious Night at the Chef’s Table

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Many thanks to Ms. Constance A. Burns, President and CEO of the National Association of American Veterans, Inc., for the opportunity to spend a well-needed night at the exclusive National Conference Center located in Leesburg, Virginia.

My husband, Charlie, and I, along with two other caregivers—April Goodman and Sarah Ingram—were invited to the Chef’s Table at the Northern Virginia conference center on the night of Thursday, May 26, 2016. It was the most wonderful experience and spectacular meeting place! The conference center is the most uniquely designed building any of us has ever seen.

Upon entering the center, we were greeted and treated as royalty. The staff was amazing and very attentive. Later that evening, we were scheduled to attend the meet-and-greet session where we met the chef, Mr. Chris Ferrier, as well as General Manager Geoff Lawson, Sales Manager Christina Berman, and other management staff members. They were so accommodating and willing to take several pictures with us.

When we entered the chef’s kitchen for our meal, we all noticed that our names were on our menus. Now that’s royalty! We had a four-course meal fit for a king. Below are a few pictures highlighting our special occasion.

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It was the most exciting and enjoyable experience any one of us has ever had. During dinner I was able to speak with many of the guests on behalf of NAAV’s caregiver support program and to the caregivers about how important it is for us [as caregivers], thanks to NAAV’s resources, to have places we can go—free of charge—for a much-needed break and relaxation. . . . to experience being waited on.

I also stressed the importance of having supporters who are willing to help address the emergency needs of our caregivers. After dinner we were invited to karaoke night. We had a blast. April decided to sing, and the crowd cheered her on! Oh, we had the best time. For at least one night we were able to leave all other responsibilities behind, pause for a brief moment, and enjoy being stress free!!!

Again, we just want to say thank you, Ms. Burns and NAAV, for giving us the best time ever. We cannot thank you enough.



Charlie and Lola

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