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Are You An Event Planner’s Dream or Nightmare?

Allow your planner room to think creatively

The term “Bridezilla” puts an image in our heads of a difficult and unpleasant bride. These “bridezillas” receive attention on popular cable reality shows, but what about the pleasant ones?

In a two-part series, we hoped to find out the characteristics of what makes an ideal bride and what the bride believes makes up an ideal wedding planner.  These articles apply to event planners and professionals as well! We spoke with one of our planners to find out what most planners believe is the “ideal” bride (and possibly dream of). Here are the 6 commandments of an ideal bride or client:

  • HomeworkThou shall do their homework. Yes, we said homework. Event and wedding planners both appreciate a client who has done their homework ahead of time and knows what he or she is looking for in their event. This client knows their budget – which can save a lot of time and money for the planner.

  • The Planner is on “Your Side”Thou shall know thy planner is a professional friend. Know that your planner is working for you, not against you. Many clients or brides believe their planner is “out to get them.” The planner wants to make their client happy and take them to the best vendors – meaning vendors who are creative and fit the budget best.

  • Come with ?sThou shall come prepared. Similar to when you bring your hairstylist a photo, planners love it when clients have photos. Go to a planner with as much information as possible such as a list of likes/dislikes, themes (or no themes), etc. It’s okay to figure out what you like as you go, but approaching a planner with a collection of “this is what I want” works wonders!

  • Limitations (if any)Thou shall know the limitations of a budget. Every couple or client should know their budget and be willing to compromise. Perhaps the floral arrangements are out of your budget – be willing to work with your planner. He or she will try to find the best alternative and most importantly, the planner knows when something is out of your budget!

  • Smothering – Thou shall not fear and give your planner room to be as creative as possible. In preparing for an event, you’ve given your planner chores and tasks – they’ll need some time to complete these. Eliminate emailing your planner everyday with questions, this takes the planner’s time away from your event. You must accept the planner as the person who you’ve allocated to do the planning and trust that it will be done, and more successful than you hoped!

  • Upgrade Your EventThou shall not be reluctant to spend extra on linens and lighting. Don’t be afraid to spend extra on making your event even better! Upgrading linens and opting for lighting can completely change a room and give it the “wow” factor. People won’t remember the pricey centerpiece but they will remember if you had inexpensive lighting and a bare room.

Event planners, what has been your experience with these six commandments?  Are there any other commandments you believe make the “perfect” bride or client? Brides, please let us know about the “ideal” planner…

Originally published on The National Conference Center Blog.