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5 Top Wedding Trends for 2018

According to Martha Stewart, Wedding Wire, and our very own Paula Safran, Director of Catering, CMP, CPCE, LES, CWP, the latest wedding trends don’t always affect your budget. The top wedding planners from around the country were interviewed for this blog, and we’ve picked the top wedding trends just for you…our customers. Creating the best guest experience is what wedding planners are tasked with these days. Be it through activities at the reception, cultural menu items and entertainment or a variety of textures, plants and colors…. the guest experience rules.

Here are a few trends that we’ve been seeing in some of our events here at West Belmont Place, and we think will make your wedding a highlight for everyone.

Wedding Colors:

It’s all about purple, any hue of purple, for 2018. Lilac, wine, mauve, burgundy, merlot, accented with light grey, champagne, navy or silver. Pastels are still in for the spring; but a bolder, richer color palette seems to be in vogue this year.


Adding a marble dance floor or translucent tables add a textured dimension to your event. We’ve seen farm tables made in Purcellville, VA, clear tents, wooden window boxes, translucent place cards and laser cut tablecloths that bring a mixed texture atmosphere to any venue. Wax seals on the menu cards, different tabletops for the reception are some of the textured items guests will notice.

Photo: Pepe Gomez/PPhotographics


Hanging flowers and cascading bouquets seem to go nicely with the texture and bold color trends. Dark, moody flower arrangements with feathers, pinecones, or dried sticks in unique pots can be a nice addition to a simple farmhouse table. Green hanging walls or potted plants lining the ceremony aisle create an English garden affect even if inside.


Even though the rustic look may be trending down, the natural, woodsy look is still in. Elaborate weddings are coming back in style as is the return of formal events, with slick lines, black and white tuxedos and simple, elaborate décor. Brides are using 2 for 1 ideas more frequently. For example, a small potted plant may be a favor, but also a name card with the table number written on the pot. Or a small macaroon with person’s name written on top. Weddings are going back indoor and a large emphasis is on the after party.


35% of brides will offer their guests a vegetarian option. Sustainability continues to be important to guests and brides; young and old want to know where their food is coming from and if it’s local. West Belmont Place is a Green Seal certified property, and Chef Todd Goldian works closely with many Loudoun

County farmers to provide the freshest and natural food for all guests. Specialty foods continue to be important to the guest experience. Cultural dishes, from Korean to Indian to Portuguese, bring in the couples’ family traditions along with childhood memories.

Chef Todd picking out lettuce at CEA Farms

Chef Todd picking out lettuce at CEA Farms, Purcellville, VA

To discuss all our wedding options, from small, intimate spaces to our largest ballroom and outdoor space, schedule a site visit today with Paula. Let us know what your wedding plans are by filling out our contact us form. Happy wedding planning.

Source:  Martha Stewart and Wedding Wire

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