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4 Prom Negotiating Tips


Prom season is here! Loudoun County Public schools start planning for the busy prom season in January. Usually there is a prom planning committee made up of students, teachers and parents who are responsible for picking the theme, location, music, activities and ticket price.

Some schools use their gymnasium or another designated area on school grounds, while others take the event off campus. If you’re looking at a variety of venues from a boat to a museum to an outdoor space, keeping the ticket price affordable is always a consideration. West Belmont Place, with the largest ballroom in Northern Virginia, is not only affordable, but offers a variety of options and pricing.

No matter what venue the committee is negotiating with, here are a few things you should ask in your initial call for information:

  1. Rates and price: What is the rental cost? How long is the rental (i.e. 1 hour setup, 4 hours for the event, and 1 hour breakdown)? What space is included in the rental (i.e. mezzanine for check-in, ballroom, outdoor space)? What is the deposit to hold the space? Is there a discount if we decide on a mid-week or Sunday date? Is there a fee for parking?
  2. Capacity and Setup: How many people does the space hold? What is the preferred setup (i.e. rounds, high tops, communal table, dance floor, space for DJ)? Are tables/chairs/linens included? Is there ample parking? Is there a fee for parking?
  3. Food: Do they have in-house catering? If so, what is the pricing for a buffet, sit down dinner, or small plate option? Is there a food and beverage minimum? If so, is the space rental waived if the minimum is met? Is outside food allowed?
  4. Decorations and Music: What is your decoration policy? Are there any limitations? Are there noise restrictions? Are there any other events at the venue during the same time period? When can we drop off items? Is there any storage space? Is there a charge for storage?

When looking at venues, remember that each locations has its own rules. Be sure to visit the potential venue beforehand to see how they handle crowds and if they have security and parking. Lastly, don’t forget to consult with your photographer and DJ to see what their needs are and where they will be located. You want to make sure you have a few options and have some fun!