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5 Wedding Room Block Tips

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wedding guest roomEngaged couples getting married in Loudoun County: get your checklist ready and start your research. One item on your list will be to arrange for lodging for your guests that is close to your wedding reception and ceremony. Here are our top wedding room block tips for brides planning their big day.

Even though we all #LoveLoudoun with its unique venues, like wineries, historic homes and barns, it’s often hard to find a room block for your guests that is big enough for your group or reasonably priced.

Here are a few tips to look for in your room block contract:

  1. Be sure the room block is big enough so you don’t have to work with several hotels. Most hotels will only give you 10 rooms at a time, then you have to expand the block every time you reach that number. At West Belmont Place, we have 917 single occupancy guest rooms, two-person suites and suites for the bride and her party. We can write a contract, with no expense to the bride or her party, for 50 rooms so your guest can all be together in one location.
  2. Be sure all your guests are in the same part of the hotel. This just makes it easier for your guests, particularly if you have guests with children or teenagers. And it creates a family reunion affect during your wedding weekend. At West Belmont Place we have a ‘pod’ arrangement so we can assign all 50 rooms of your block in the same location and building on our 65-acre campus.
  3. Check to see if breakfast is part of your room rate. Some hotels offer a “bed and breakfast” rate, but often the breakfast is a continental breakfast in the lobby. At our $159/per suite, all guests can enjoy a full, buffet breakfast with omelet stations, fresh fruit, homemade breads and to order eggs. This is one of the best deals in Loudoun County for overnight guests.
  4. Is there enough parking at this hotel that is safe and well lit? Our above ground parking garage is covered and free for the entire weekend and you can come and go as many times as you like! No extra fees.
  5. And last but not least, be sure there are areas in the hotel besides the lobby for your guests to mingle and get together before and after the wedding. We have several courtyards and patios with two firepits that are great communal meeting spots. This may be the only time your family has a chance to catchup and be together. Why not make it a reunion at the same time?

And one last piece of advice, attend the Loudoun Bridal Show on Sunday, March 19 to visit venues, vendors and West Belmont Place. Then you can see the rooms and pod areas we are talking about. Make your reservation today!


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